Monthly Archive: December 2013

FHWA Offers Free IC Workshops

FHWA offers free IC workshops to agencies who are interested in implementing IC or who are in the process of developing their own IC specifications and conducting pilot projects. The FHWA IC workshops intend to:

  • Familiarize attendees with fundamentals of intelligent compaction
  • Demonstrate the route to successful IC implementation
  • Develop attendees into technology champions of IC for their organizations or companies

Download the IC workshop flyer and take a close look at what it offers!

Check out whether there will be any IC workshops near you!

New from FHWA: Intelligent Compaction Phone and Email Support

FHWA is now offering intelligent compaction (IC) phone and email support as part of the national effort to deploy IC throughout the US. The IC Technical Support Service Center (TSSC) will answer all of your IC-related questions, including those about: specifications, IC workshops/IC equipment demos, Veda data management software, pilot project selection, and IC-related technical documents.

Phone and email support is available five days a week (Monday – Friday) from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST. To contact the TSSC, call the IC Support Hotline at +1 (512) 659 1231 or email

In addition to phone and email support, the IC TSSC also provides local assistance, workshops, equipment demos, and an online library of technical documents and other resources.

The IC TSSC is sponsored by the FHWA Every Day Counts (EDC) 2 initiative to provide public support for IC. For further information, please contact Antonio Nieves Torres at, George K. Chang at, or Michael M. Arasteh at