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IC Receives NOVA Award

The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) has presented intelligent compaction (IC) with a NOVA Award for outstanding innovation in construction. After a rigorous selection process, IC was chosen for its significant contributions to construction quality and efficiency, and was presented with the NOVA Award at a ceremony in Houston, Texas. IC’s equipment-based technology increases quality control during asphalt and soils compaction, improving operations in the field and ultimately leading to longer pavement lives.

NOVA Awards honor innovations that have proven to improve construction quality and cost. According to CIF, IC “improves compaction quality, consistency, and uniformity in a way that no other technology can.”

 Intelligent Compaction NOVA Award acceptance photo

Industry leaders Antonio Nieves Torres and Michael Arasteh of FHWA, and George K. Chang, PhD, PE, of The Transtec Group, accepted a NOVA Award for outstanding innovation in construction on behalf of the intelligent compaction (IC) industry. Also pictured are Rasha Stino, Vice Chair of the Construction Innovation Forum and Chair of the NOVA Awards, and Tim Alter, Chair of the Construction Innovation Forum, and President of Rudolph/Libbe Inc. From left: Stino, Arasteh, Chang, Nieves Torres, Alter.
IC-capable vibratory rollers are equipped with technology that tracks roller passes, asphalt surface temperature, and the stiffness of compacted materials, then displays it to the roller operator in real time. Contractors and engineers maximize IC’s value by using Veda, the IC data management tool, to display, analyze, and report data collected by IC. Veda was jointly created by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and pavement engineering firm The Transtec Group.

Three IC leaders accepted the IC NOVA Award on behalf of the industry. FHWA’s Antonio Nieves Torres and Michael Arasteh, and George K. Chang, PhD, PE, of The Transtec Group, received the award during the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Awards of Excellence Gala in Houston, Texas.

The CIF is an international, non-profit organization that recognizes and encourages innovations that improve construction. To learn more about IC’s contributions to construction and its rapidly increasing rate of adoption throughout the industry, watch CIF’s informative IC video.

IC is one of four construction innovations selected for a 2014 NOVA Award. The following IC Champs were also honored during the award ceremony. Visit for more information about 2014’s winners.

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ICDM Workshop in PA on Dec. 16-17, 2014

An Intelligent Compaction Data Management (ICDM) workshop will be held in Harrisburg, PA from noon Dec. 16 to noon Dec. 17, 2014. 34 seats are available for PennDOT staff and only 6 seats are available for the industry.  Sign up now!