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Veta 5 includes direct data download from the Cloud.

Veta 5 Now Available: Enhance IC and PMTP Data Analysis

Veta is a free map-based software tool for contractors and highway officials to standardize, display, analyze, and report data collected by intelligent compaction (IC) and paver‐mounted thermal profiling (PMTP) technologies during construction. Veta can import data from various IC machines and PMTP scanners to perform editing, filtering, spot test correlation, and statistical analysis as a post-processing tool.

Veta 5 is the newest, powerful upgrade to the free Veta software.

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New features include:

  • Better, faster, and more efficient data imports, including direct downloads from the cloud and a redesigned data import wizard to better handle data from various machines.
  • Redesigned and more powerful filters to handle any type of data extraction.
  • A filter group generator that can produce filter groups based on AASHTO PP81 naming conventions.
  • New features for more flexible data analysis options.
  • A new temperature segregation index (TSI) and new TSI analysis outputs.
  • Versatile PDF reports, including options to choose which items to report and the ability to add a logo and signature line.
  • Performance improvements to better handle huge project files.

View the 5.0 Release Notes to see all the new features and changes.

The new Temperature Segregation Index (TSI) is a composite index with conventional standard deviation and transverse semi-variogram.

The new Temperature Segregation Index (TSI) is a composite index with conventional standard deviation and transverse semi-variogram.

With greater control over construction data, users can perform more detailed analyses and create reports that can help agencies determine contractor pay factors. Construction teams implementing Veta 5 can expect to perform these complex tasks smoothly.

Download Veta 5 for Free

IC and PMTP systems gather a tremendous amount of complex geospatial data that poses challenges for data management, analysis, and reporting. These issues have become the main hurdles during implementation. To address the above issues, The Transtec Group, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Transportation Pooled Fund Study, TPF-5(334) aided in the development of Veta.

Veta is required in FHWA and AASHTO PP80-17 and PP81-17 specifications and is increasingly adopted by state highway agencies.

Future of Construction at Rocky Mountain Conference

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Asphalt Conference will feature a session on “Future of Construction” on February 22, in Denver, CO. It will include: Intelligent Compaction by Dr. George K. Chang, Transtec Group (President of IICTG,; Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiling by Paul Angerhofer of MOBA (Technical Committee member of IICTG), and GPR-based Asphalt Density Measurement by Kyle Hoegh of MnDOT. Please check it out!