Monthly Archive: April 2018

40 Years of CCC Symposium, Nov. 29, 2018

The 40th Years of Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) (or called Intelligent Compaction – IC in the US) Symposium will be held in Vienna, Austria, on November 29, 2018. The abstract will be due on April 30th!! Check out the conference website for further information (

Veta 5.0.51 Released

This version fixes issues with importing data.

Download Veta 5.0


  • Fixed: UTM zone was sometimes detected incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Veta downloading of Topcon data. This issue was found during testing and has not been reported in practice. This could happen in two scenarios:
    1. Downloads of Topcon data are occurring in multiple copies of Veta and the date ranges overlap. This can result is the wrong data being used for a project, but should be apparent upon review.
    2. Topcon data is downloaded for a site. Without closing the download window, the site is changed and data is downloaded again. Veta will not download the data for the new site.
  • Change: EPSG codes for all OCRS zones are now recognized. Codes for the new zones did not exist until recently.

2nd International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group Conference (IICTG 2019)

TRB is cosponsoring the 2nd International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group Conference (IICTG 2019) on April 23-25, 2019 in Beijing, China. ( ) This conference provides a forum for the dissemination of knowledge concerning the collection, analysis, and application of information relating to intelligent construction technologies (ICT). ICT consists of real time quality monitoring and process control during construction of the foundations and pavements for highways, airports, railroads, dams, cities, and ports. It involves construction equipment technologies such as pavers, rollers, and other devices. Registration will open June 9, 2018.

Intelligent Compaction Improve Construction Quality at I-5

The American Surveyor magazine has posted an article on “Taking Action on Compaction” on March 25 2018. It reported the significant improvements of asphalt in-place densities and smoothness at I-5 construction, Oregon, by using the Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Paver-mounted Thermal Profiles (PMTP). Here are some quotes from the article “While the roller operator benefits greatly from what IC brings to the machine, the value of the data gathered via IC might be where the real advantage can be found. …. a key benefit is using the solution to maintain a high level of confidence with … ODOT.” Check out the complete article for details . For more information on IC and PMTP, check out the IC website  (!


Intelligent Construction Data Management-Veta Workshop at NYSDOT

An Intelligent Construction Data Management (ICDM)-Veta Workshop will be held at NYSDOT, in Albany, NY, on April 18. Dr. George K. Chang of Transtec Group (also President of IICTG) will feature the latest Veta 5.0 for Intelligent Compaction and Paver-mounted Thermal Profile data management and analysis at this workshop. Check out the IC website for further information!

The First Australia Intelligent Compaction Workshop, May 8, 2018

The First Australian workshop on Intelligent Compaction (IC) will be held in Brisbane, Australia on May 8th, 2018. The workshop is organized by AGS QLD, the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) & Monash University. This highly interactive workshop will be led by a global leader in the IC technologies field – Dr. George Chang (Transtec Group, also President of IICTG) – and aims to bring together industry participants from Australia and overseas to dissect the innovative technology. RSVP now to reserve your seatsDownload the flyer for further information on venue, registration, and agenda.

Intelligent compaction workshop in Australia