Monthly Archive: July 2018

Veta 5.1.21 Released

This important update fixes several issues.

Download Veta 5.1


  • Fixed: Corrected checking for invalid coordintes for MOBA IC data. Existing projects will be automatically reprocessed.

Data Files

  • Fixed: Viewing compaction files can cause data to be incorrect or missing.
  • Change: The search tool and viewing of pass counts have been removed from this screen. Search tool may return but it is currently not possible to reliably show the pass counts on a per-file basis in this screen. If you need to see this data, use the Filters.


  • Fixed: If the coordinate system was UTM but the Location unit in Options was not meters, the sublots length description was labeled as meters, but the sublots were actually defined using the Location unit (feet or survey feet). The actual distance and unit used by Veta were correctly displayed in the Analysis. UTM is by definition, meters.


  • Fixed: Filter groups could sometimes link to filters that no longer exist, causing a crash when applying the filter group. While this does not fix the cause, it will clean groups of bad links.