Monthly Archive: December 2018

IC Equipment Webpage Updated

The Single-Drum ( ) and Double-Drum ( Intelligent Compaction (IC) rollers webpages are updated. Check them out!

40th Year Celebration of IC/CCC

We’ve just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the invention of Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) – later dubbed as Intelligent Compaction (IC) – in Vienna, Austria on Nov. 29, 2018. More than 160 IC-CCC experts (pretty much include all IC-CCC research, development, and implementation from all of the world) from more than 2 dozen countries have attended this historical event. This Symposium proceedings is published by the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien). Here is also a historical moment with the inventor of IC-CCC in the attached photo (from the left to the right): Prof. Antonio Correia of Minho University, Portugal (leader in EU IC-CCC specification and implementation, Vice President of IICTG), A. Sandstrom of Geodynamic, Sweden (inventor of IC-CCC), Dr. George Chang of Transtec Group, USA (leader in US IC-CCC specification and global implementation, President of IICTG), and Prof. Soheil Nazarian of University of Texas – El Paso, USA (leader in US IC-CCC research, Executive Member of IICTG). IC-CCC has come a long way for the past 40 years! It is anticipated to be elevated to the next levels with the integration with other Intelligent Construction Technologies ( in the decades to come!