Monthly Archive: March 2019

IICTG 2019 Conference Brochure Posted

The IICTG (International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group) 
2019 conference brochure is now posted. Please check it out. Look forward to this exciting conference to bring the experts and users of innovative construction technologies around the world to Beijing, China on April 16-17, 2019!

IICTG 2019 Speakers’ Bios and Abstracts Posted (April 17-18, Beijing, China)

The International Intelligent Construction Technologies (IICTG) 2019 conference has posted the speakers’ bios and abstracts (in English and Chinese) along with updated agenda (in English and Chinese ). Conference websites in English and Chinese are also updated Please check it out. Register and reserve your seats.. or pass it along to who are interested in innovative state-of-the-art technologies to boost up construction quality and to reduce life-cycle cost of infrastructure projects.