Positioning Requirements for IC Rollers

To ensure accurate and consistent survey grade data collection during the research time period, the following capabilities for the IC roller positioning systems is required:

  • High Precision Positioning System (HPPS) on IC rollers with RTK-GPS (Real Time Kinematic-GPS) systems, laser-based or cellular-based equivalent when GPS is unavailable.
  • One hand-held rover unit that is consistent with the HPPS on IC rollers.
  • System reports and records values in Longitude/Latitude or Northing/Easting in UTM or State Plane Coordinates for the project site.

Technical assistance by the roller manufacture(s) or GPS equipment manufacturer(s) are highly recommended to assist the Contractor in accordance with the following requirements:

  • On-site staff with sufficient technical knowledge to setup roller mounted HPPS equipment during the first 3 days of the constructions.
  • Contractors need to be trained to conduct daily validation to meet the tolerance requirements for accuracy in the contract. All HPPS on IC rollers are recommended be verified onsite against a hand-held rover with the differences within +/- 6 inches in Northing/Easting directions. Refer to the FHWA Generic Asphalt IC specifications for details.