Single Drum Soil Rollers

Single Drum IC Rollers in the US

VendorModelModel No.ICMVSoftwareContacts
DynapacDynalyzerCA1500-CA6500CMVDynalyzerVijayakumar Palanisamy
(803) 548-9295
DynapacDynapac/TopconCA1500-CA6500CMVSitelink3DVijayakumar Palanisamy
(803) 548-9295
BOMAGVarioControlBW213-4BVCEvib (MN/m^2)BCM05Bert Erdmann
(309) 883-2989
CaterpillarCAT Compaction ControlCS44-CS78, CP54-CP74, CS44B-79B and CP54B-CP76BCMV/MDPVisionLinkTodd Mansell
(763) 315-5518
HAMM(Wirtgen Group)HCQAll 3000 series rollers
All new H series rollers
HMVHCQTim Kowalski
(615) 594-4604
SakaiCISSV640 series, SV540 seriesCCVSitelink3DYuki Tsukimoto
VolvoVolvo Compact AssistSD75B, SD115B, SD135B, SD160BCMVDirect export to VetaBill Laing
(717) 460-4073
TOPCON*TOPCON retrofitTOPCON retrofitCMVSitelink3DJan Mennink
(925) 245-8438
Trimble*Trimble retrofitCCSFlex for soils compactorsCMVVisionLinkJeff Drake
(720) 587-4569
Leica*Leica retrofitLEICA GEOSYSTEMS IC retrofit systemNALeica ConX web solutionKelly Steeves
(801) 420-1562
MOBA*MOBA retrofitMCA-3000CMV, EvibMOBA Ceval desktop applicationDavid Shelstad

Caterpillar also offers  non accelerometer-based system using Machine Drive Power (MDP) for soil applications only.

* After-market IC retrofit kit.

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  • ICMV: Intelligent compaction measurement values—a generic term for all IC measurements
  • GPS: Global Positioning System
  • Evib: Vibration Modulus
  • CMV: Compaction Meter Value
  • MDP: Caterpillar Machine Drive Power
  • CIS: Sakai Compacion Information System
  • CCV: Sakai Compaction Control Value
  • DCA: Dynamic Compaction Analyzer
  • HCQ: HAMM Compaction Quality
  • HMV: HAMM Measurement Value
  • MCA: MOBA Compaction Assist