Intelligent Compaction News

IC Presentation at AKDOT Asphalt Summit, Nov. 7th

The 2017 Alaska DOT Asphalt Summit will feature presentations on Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Paver-mounted Thermal Profiles (PMTP) on November 7th, 2017. Dr. George K. Chang of Transtec Group, also President of IICTG, will provide in-depth description of how intelligent compaction (IC) and paver-mounted thermal profiling (PMTP) can be used to improve construction quality control and eventually for acceptance. With the use of Veta software, the big data management (including data processing, viewing, analysis, and report) of IC and PMTP can be facilitated. National implementation of IC and PMTP will be also be presented – including challenges/solutions for States/Industry as well as benefits on both sides. Mike Himler, Granite & Ron Searcy, and Richard Giessel, AKDOT, will share their IC and PMTP experiences from the Glenn Highway project.