Intelligent Compaction News

IICTG and NRRA Form Partnership

The National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) has joined The International Intelligence Construction Technologies (IICTG) as an Academic Partner.
This strategic partnership between NRRA and IICTG will focus on research in various areas of intelligent construction technologies that mirror the IICTG Task Groups:
TG1- Intelligent Compaction
TG2- Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiling
TG3- High Precision Surveys/LiDAR/Drones
TG4- 3D Design/Modeling and Automated Machine Guidance (AMG)
TG5- Underground Utility Positioning
TG6- Building Information Modeling (BIM) for pavements
TG7- ICT Data Standards/Exchange/Management
TG8- 3D Printing for Pavements
TG9- Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning
Here the photo shows the IICTG president, Dr. George K. Chang, with the NRRA Chair of Executive Committee, Mr. Glenn Engstrom. Check out the IICTG website for further details!