These workshops aim to inform the audience of IC’s equipment-based technology and how to use it to ensure longer pavement lives. IC machines are vibratory rollers with mounted accelerometers, a Global Positioning System (GPS), and infrared sensors to track asphalt temperature. The system’s actual implementation is user-friendly: IC equipment collects the data during compaction and on-board computers display the information. The computers’ accessible color-coded maps allow users to track roller passes, asphalt surface temperatures, and stiffness of compacted materials in real time.

Due to IC’s relative newness to most DOTs and contractors, IC workshops are crucial for bringing people up to speed on implementation of IC technology in order to improve the compaction quality of several materials: granular soils, cohesive soils, stabilized base, and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavements. In an effort to accelerate the implementation of IC, these workshops aim to achieve satisfactory technology transfer and basic training in just one day.

IC workshops intend to:

  • Familiarize attendees with fundamentals of intelligent compaction
  • Demonstrate the route to successful IC implementation
  • Develop attendees into technology champions of IC for their organizations or companies

Who Should Attend?

IC workshops are designed for all levels of professionals in the earthwork and paving industry:

  • DOT Construction Engineers, QC/QA Personnel, Spec Writers
  • Paving Managers, Superintendent, QC Personnel
  • Earthworks Managers, Superintendent, QC Personnel
  • IC Roller Vendors
  • GPS Vendors

Are There Different Types of IC Workshops?

FHWA Technical Support Service Center (TSSC) offers two different Intelligent Compaction (IC) workshops to cover soils/aggregate base and asphalt IC depending on the requesting agency’s needs: Intelligent Compaction Data Management (ICDM) workshops and Intelligent Compaction Overview workshops.

There are also other IC workshops that are sponsored or hosted by entities such as TRB, national/international conferences (Geo-Shanghai, ISAP, and etc.).

The following is the comparison between the IC Overview Workshop and ICDM Workshops (download a flyer):

 ICDM workshopsIC Overview Workshops


Hands-on IC trainingOverview of IC concepts and methods

Target Audiences

Those who are ready to implement IC in pilot or full projectsThose who would like to learn what IC is and its potential benefits to contractors and agencies


One day (workshop only) to 1½ days (workshop with equipment demo)Four hours


Presentation, hands-on exercises for Veta software, and optional equipment demonstrationPresentation and discussion



Delivery Method

Instructor ledInstructor led


Dr. George Chang and another staff member from The Transtec GroupBob Horan and another staff member from Asphalt Institute

Host Agencies Requirements

Classroom style facility with electric outlets and extension cords, a projector/ screen, and a parking lot for equipment demoConference-room style facility, and a projector/ screen

Attendees Requirements

A laptop computer with pre-installed Veta workshop software and case study example filesComputer is not required


Antonio Nieves
FHWA Office of Asset Management, Pavement, and Construction
+1 (202) 366 4597
Michael Arasteh
FHWA Resource Center, Baltimore
+1 (410) 962 0678

How Can I Request and Host IC Workshops?

State/city agencies may request either ICDM or IC Overview workshop, or combine both workshops in consecutive days or as separate events. Check out the latest workshop schedule.

Here are the steps to host IC workshops:

1. Look through the workshop comparison chart in the above “Are There Different Types of Workshops” and workshop details on the IC workshop flyer.

2. Determine which workshop or both workshops (with an option for IC equipment demo) you like to host. If in doubt, please contact us.

3. Pick a workshop location and select three preferred dates with at least two months lead time.

4. Promote the events to target audiences (see the above “Who Should Attend”).

5. Work with workshop instructors to meet the facility requirements and regarding other details.

Any Questions about IC Workshops?

If you would like to ask a question about IC workshops, please contact Dr. George K. Chang, PE or send us a message with the form below.

Dr. George K. Chang, PE
The Transtec Group
6111 Balcones Drive
Austin, Texas 78731 USA
T:  +1 (512) 451 6233 ext. 227

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