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Project Description

Three test locations are located around Willmar, MN, approximately 100 miles to the west of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

  1. (June 2/3) TH 71 HMA overlay – Located on the TH 71 between the cities of Olivia and Redwood., around 25 miles south of Willmar, MN.
  2. (June 4) CR 40 HMA overlay – Located on the CR 40 between CR 5 and CR 1, around 25 miles north of Willmar, MN.
  3. (June 16 to 19) CR 4 HMA new construction – Located on the CR 4, east of the Green Lake, around 15 miles northeast of Willmar, MN.

Monday, June 2, 2008 – Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Map

Weather Condition

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Material Types

Type IV HMA material


Sakai tandem drum roller – SW880, 79″ wide, 4000 vpm with the Sakai Compaction Information System (CIS).


  • Demonstrate HMA IC technology (specifically in tracking rollers passes and HMA surface temperatures) to Mn/DOT personnel, and contractors, etc.,
  • Evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of IC Rollers vs. conventional rollers
  • Assist Mn/DOT to accelerate the development of IC quality control (QC) specifications for HMA pavement materials,
  • Identify and prioritize needed improvements and further research for IC equipment.

Meetings and Reports


Web project meeting on May 14, 2008 (TH 71)

Web project meeting on June 11, 2008 (Route 4)

Extra! Extra!

The Mn/DOT HMA IC demo was on the front page of the West Central Tribune! Read the online article “The future is this Moment” – pdf’ed web version or the scanned print version.


Host TWG

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