2008 Demo Projects TXDOT Soil/SB 2008

Project Description

This site is located in the North Tarrant County on FM156 north of Haslet, Fort Worth, TX. See the Google Earth file for further information including the future FM 156 roadway, TxDOT field office location, etc. (you may need to download the file first, then fire up Google Earth to load the file).

Project Map

Weather Condition

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Material Types

Type II Cohesive Soil, Type III Granular subbase (flex base) and Type V Stabilized (lime treated) base.


  • Two Case/Ammann single-drum IC rollers: pad foot and smooth drum
  • One Dynapac single-drum roller (CA362D): smooth drum


  • Demonstrate soil IC technology to TxDOT personnel, contractors, and etc.,
  • Evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of IC Rollers vs. conventional rollers
  • Assist TxDOT to accelerate the development of IC quality control (QC) specifications for soil pavement materials,
  • Identify and prioritize needed improvements and further research for IC equipment.

Meetings and Reports

  • The first web meeting was held on June 26, 2008. Meeting minutes.
  • The second web meeting is scheduled on July 17, 2008.

Photos and Videos

Attendees of TXDOT Soils IC demo in 2008

Host TWG

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