TPF Intelligent Compaction Project

This study (from 2008 to 2011) existed as a part of the US FHWA and Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) Project TPF-5(128). Accelerated Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Embankment Subgrade Soils, Aggregate Base and Asphalt Pavement Material. The project includes 12 participating state Department of Transportations (DOTs): Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The TPF Intelligent Compaction Project was intended to:

  • Accelerate the development of IC QC/QA specifications for subgrade soils, aggregate base, and HMA pavement materials. The focus of the technology will be to provide a reliable method to capture the maximum potential value added from current IC technology and currently used/available QC/QA field-testing equipment (dynamic cone, FWD, Plate Load Tests, Nuclear Density, Moisture, temperature, cores, etc.).
  • Develop an experienced and knowledgeable IC expertise base within the participating State DOTs.
  • Identify and prioritize needed improvements to, and research for, IC equipment and QC/QA field-testing equipment. Prioritization will be based on the potential for: simplifying IC usage, achieving greater IC value (cost benefit), and improved accuracy.

TWG team structure, followed by the majority of participating members:

Structure Chart of the TWG Team for Intelligent Compaction

TWG Team Structure


Image showing many members at the TWG Meeting

TWG Meeting