2012 Field Projects Utah August 2012

Project Description

This project is located at US-89 and SR-180 in American Fork and Lehi, Utah. It’s a mill-and-fill night paving job.


Monday, August 6, 2012 – Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Map

Important Notices

  • Roller shipping – address (1616 North Beck Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84116.), Arrive (before Aug. 4), Contacts: Kim Cherrington, 801-455-0160.
  • Machine Setup and Trial Runs (vendors and FHWA IC team only) – 4PM-6PM Sunday, Aug. 5, at the Staker & Parson warehouse, 1616 North Beck Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84116.
  • IC Training (all parties) – 7:30PM-9PM, Monday, Aug. 6, at the project staging area, approx. 450E and US 89 (State Street) (updated: Aug. 6).
  • Night No. 2 (Aug. 7) – meet at the staging area at 9PM close to N600W and US 89.
  • Ninght No. 3 (Aug. 8) – TBA
  • All onsite personnels – please bring hard/electrinic copies of the Summary Field Sheets.

Open House


Thursday, Aug. 9, Time – 8AM to 1PM (MDT)


UDOT Region 3 Office, 658 North 1500 West, Orem, Utah 84057


Brent Gaschler, Technology & Support Engineer, Utah DOT, (801) 965-3816 BGASCHLER@utah.gov.

Download the Open House flyer


Weather Condition



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Material Types

3/4″ superpave mix with RAP (25% of aggregate blend) and PG58-34 asphalt cement.


  • HAMM HD+120a double drum IC roller
  • Sakai SW880 double drum IC roller
Other Testing Equipment
  • GPS (Wheeler/Trimble)
  • Pave-IR paver-mounted thermal bar (MOBA)


  • Train contractors and agency on intelligent compaction technologies
  • Study the relationship between IC and asphalt in-place densities

Meetings and Reports




FHWA IC in UT: Rollers


FHWA IC in UT: Briefing


FHWA IC in UT: Training


FHWA IC in UT: Night Paving


FHWA IC in UT: Echelon Compaction


Host TWG

Utah DOT Contacts
Any Questions?
  • For the IC demo activity, contact Dr. George Chang, The Transtec Group, (512) 451 6233, GKChang@TheTranstecGroup.com
  • For the Open House activity, contact Brent Gaschler, Technology & Support Engineer, Utah DOT, (801) 965 3816 BGASCHLER@utah.gov
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