We provide support for Intelligent Construction and Veta.

Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center

IC Technical Support Center ICTC

The Transtec Group Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center (ICTC) provides the following services:

  • HelpDesk Support: Online FreshDesk and phone support.
  • Training Workshops: Lecturers-led onsite training workshops.
  • Field Project Support: Onsite field support, Just-in-time-training (JITT), and data management/analysis/report.
  • Support Package: Protocol development, customized training, IC-PMTP project field support, data analysis/report, specification development/refinement, industry feedbacks, and executive summary report.

HelpDesk Support

Scope for HelpDesk Support

We provide HelpDesk support via online FreshDesk and phone calls. The scope of the HelpDesk support includes all questions on:

  • Veta software (download, installation, data import, analysis, report, etc.),
  • Intelligent Compaction (IC) technologies,
  • Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiling (PMTP) technologies, and etc.

How to Get HelpDesk Support

To start a TG ICTSC HelpDesk ticket, simple visit the webpage (https://TheTranstecgroup.FreshDesk.com ) or send emails to (ICSupport@TheTranstecGroup.com). Our staff will initiate a support payment process (see below: HelpDesk Cost) and proceed with the technical support.

HelpDesk Support Cost

The technical support cost is as follows:

  • Starting a new ticket: $180
  • Resolving issues and closing a ticket: billed at $180/hour for the service hours exceeding one hour.

For the check payment method, please make check payable to “Transtec Group” and indicate the FreshDesk ticket number. The mailing address is: Transtec Group (ICTC), 6111 Balcones Drive, Austin TX 78731. For credit card payment method, please call Elvia at +1 (512) 451-6233.

Training Workshops

Scope for Training Workshops

We provide lecturer-led Intelligent Construction Data Management (ICDM) and Veta training workshops typically in a one-day format. The workshop goals are:

  • To understand the basics of the Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiles (PMTP) technologies and Veta software.
  • To understand DOT IC/PMTP specifications and how to meet the requirements
  • To understand the IC/PMTP data collection, data characteristics, and trouble shooting.
  • To practice hands-on Veta analysis to understand how to meet DOT’s expectation.

Typical agenda is as follows:

  • 08:30 am     Veta software setup and checks
  • 09:00 am     Session 1 – IC/PMTP Basics
  • 09:45 am     Session 2 – IC/PMTP Field Data Collection & Management (I)
  • 10:30 am     Break
  • 10:45 am     Session 3 – IC/PMTP Field Data Collection & Management (II)
  • 12:00 pm     Break
  • 01:00 pm     Session 4 – IC/PMTP Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • 02:15 pm     Break
  • 02:30 pm     Session 5 – IC/PMTP Trouble Shooting
  • 03:30 pm     Session 6 – Review and Discussion
  • 04:00 pm     Adjourn

The format of the training workshops can be customized to meet any local needs.

How to Get Training Workshop

Please send emails to (ICSupport@TheTranstecGroup.com) to schedule an ICDM-Veta workshop.

Training Workshop Cost

Please send emails to (ICSupport@TheTranstecGroup.com) for quotation. Payment will be due on invoicing after the workshops.

Field Project Support

Field Project Support Scope

We provide field project support that includes combination of the following elements

  • onsite field technical support
  • Just-in-time-training (JITT)
  • data management/analysis/report.

The onsite field technical support normally includes one of our technical staff being onsite for the first 2 to 3 days of construction to provide technical support. The Just-in-time-training (JITT) normally includes 4 to 8 hours of hands-on Veta classroom and ICT field training. The latter ICT field training can be combined with ICT dealers’ support. The data management/analysis/report include export/download data files, Veta analysis, identification of issues and solutions, reports, etc.

How to Get Field Project Support

Please send emails to (ICSupport@TheTranstecGroup.com) to schedule IC and/or PMTP field project support.

Field Project Support Cost

Please send emails to (ICSupport@TheTranstecGroup.com) for quotation. Payment will be due on invoicing after the field support.

Support Package

Support Package Scope

We provide complete package of IC-PMTP-Veta support for agencies or companies. The package can be a combination of the following elements:

  • Protocol development: Protocol for IC-PMTP project planning, data file management, check lists and standard forms.
  • Training: lecturers-led onsite training workshops on ICDM-Veta
  • IC-PMTP field support: onsite field project support, just-in-time training, trouble-shooting, and etc.
  • Data analysis/report: data management, analysis, issues-and-solutions, and report.
  • Specification development/refinement: review and comment on new IC and PMTP specification development or refinement of existing specification
  • Industry feedback feedbacks: Conduct industry feedback meetings and assist on resolve any technical issues.
  • Executive summary: Conduct summary report, presentation, and Qs-&-As to agency executives.

How to Get Agency Support Package

Please send emails to (ICSupport@TheTranstecGroup.com) to plan for a support package proposal.

Agency Support Package Cost

Cost proposal will be included in the final agency support package proposal. Payment will be due based on the payment schedule.

ICTC Staff

TG ICTC Staff are led by Dr. George K. Chang, Director of Research of the Transtec Group. The support staff also include Jason Dick (Developer of Veta), Kiran Mohanraj (trainer for ICDM-Veta workshops), and other TG staff. The followings are bios of the key TG ICTSC Staff.


Director of Research

Email: GKchang@TheTranstecGroup.com

Dr. George Chang is recognized as the world expert on pavement smoothness and intelligent compaction/construction technologies.  His research, teaching, specification development and software tools (such as ProVAL and Veta) have helped made significant technology advancements in the above fields.  Dr Chang has been the principal investigator for numerous projects that enhancing pavement materials/structures, pavement surface characteristics, etc. Recognized for his energetic, lively teaching style, Dr. Chang delivers hundreds of smoothness and intelligent compaction/construction related workshops around world. Dr. Chang has been the chairman for the International Intelligent Construction Technologies Group (IICTG), Road Profile Users’ Group (RPUG), TRB AFD90 Pavement Surface Properties and Vehicle Interaction committee, etc. Dr. Chang received many awards including a Kummer Lecture Award, Meyer-Horne Award, and ASTM Billiard-Stubstad Award from the ASTM; and NOVA award from Construction Innovation Forum, Founders’ Award from RPUG.  His research work has been featured in over 50 professional publications and 100+ reports.



Computer Programmer and Data Management Specialist

Email: JasonD@TheTranstecGroup.com

Jason has written numerous pavement software applications which have ranged from design to post-construction.  He is responsible for architecting the non-analytical portions of several engineering applications, such as: ProVAL, Veta, HIPERPAV, COMPASS, and SmartCure. He has developed and managed several Web sites using content managements systems and database-driven, interactive sites. Mr. Dick’s extensive understanding of both software development and of the pavement industry enables him to produce computerized guidelines and multimedia tools that are robust in structure, yet simple to use. Also, with his experience in internet and multimedia technologies, Mr. Dick produces applications that are Internet enhanced, with HTML help files, Web site support, Web site links, e-mail access, multiple user management, and many other features. His cross-talents in both software and the Internet often reduce total development time, as the same files can quickly become presentation slides, web pages, or help files. Mr. Dick also brings the unique ability of incorporating into every software application the concept of total interoperability, where custom software applications can communicate easily with industry standard spreadsheets, databases, and other common software packages.



Project Manager

Email: Kiran@TheTranstecGroup.com

Kiran has extensive experience in design, analysis, and construction of pavement systems, supplemented with a strong laboratory knowledge in the design and evaluation of materials used in pavement construction, both flexible and rigid. Kiran’s expertise includes serving as a technical resource for roadway construction projects, evaluating technical specifications, and overseeing testing and inspection during construction.  He has provided pavement design, materials, and QC/QA consultation services to various state and local agencies prior to, during, and after roadway construction projects.  Kiran is an instructor for workshops on Intelligent Compaction and Veta (data management software for Intelligent Compaction).  Kiran serves as a committee member for TRB-AFK40 Surface Requirements of Asphalt Mixtures, ASTM D04 Road and Paving Materials, and C09 Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, along with numerous subcommittees.  He is a certified Pervious Concrete Technician, ACI Field and Strength Testing Technician, and a registered professional engineer in Texas and California.