Veda is a map-based tool for viewing and analyzing geospatial data, currently funded by MnDOT.


Veda Viewer Screen

Veda Viewer Screen

Spot Test Inputs for Correlation Study

Spot Test Inputs for Correlation Study

Veda can import data from various intelligent compaction (IC) machines and MOBA PAVE-IR thermal bars/scanners to perform editing, data layering, point testing, and analysis.

Veda displays compaction information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and maps.

Veda is NOT FREE!  The funding for the development and enhancements of Veda has been provided solely by MnDOT. Though you may still download/use the current version for now, we strongly encourage you contact your local DOT research departments to join the Transportation Pooled Fund Study “Solicitation 1381 -Enhancement to the Intelligent Construction Data Management System (Veda) and Implementation” to keep Veda available to the public!

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Veda in Specifications

Veda is required in the Federal Highway Administration’s generic IC specifications for soils, and asphalt materials. Veda is also increasingly adopted by US Departments of Transportation. See the IC specifications page for further details.

Veda IC Data Compatibility

Currently, all IC systems except Ammann require using vendor-specific software to export their native data to Veda-compatible format. Contact your IC vendor for further details.

FeaturesAmmann/ CaseBomagCaterpillar
Wirtgen Hamm
Contains all-passes dataYYYYYYY
Contains final coverage dataYYYYYY
Contains pass countYYYYYY
Meet FHWA RequirementsYYYYY

* Veda currently does not import Dynapac data.

Veda (pronounced “Vehda”) means “knowledge.” View the Veda Introduction Document.