Intelligent Compaction News

Veta 4.3.17 Released

Despite extensive testing, some bugs slipped through in the last release, mainly with regards to unit conversion. The cold-edge and bracker filter has also been revised, as described below. However, this revision does require existing thermal profiling projects to be reprocessed upon open. As always we advise working with a copy of your project file.

Download Veta 4.3


  • Fixed: Some files could not be imported.


  • Change: Search tool minimum radius changed to 1 ft (0.3 m). Default value changed to the same.


  • Change: The cold-edge filter has been revised again. The revision in 4.2.36 (June 2017), allowed the filter to work with projects containing files containing different numbers of sensors, but yielded less desirable results than previous versions. The filter now gives the same results as the previous versions.
  • Fix: Sometimes the Specific Date input was disabled.


  • Fixed: Displayed coordinates and units sometimes did not match the project coordinate system and the distance unit in the Options.


  • Fixed: The sublots length for the applied filter group did not update when the sublots were created.


  • Fix: Various unit conversion issues.