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Veta 4.3.21 Released

This version fixes several bugs affecting importing data files and filter usability. Release notes provided below.

Download Veta 4.3

Existing Volvo projects will be reprocessed.


  • Fix: Some BOMAG files could be imported.
  • Fix: Files using UTM with feet or survey feet were not imported correctly. We will not force a reprocess for this because it the error could be seen on the map during import.
  • Fix: ICMV type was not detected for Volvo final coverage files.
  • Fix: ICMV type was not set to EDV for older Volvo all passes files.


  • Fix: Using filters could cause a crash.
  • Fix: Various issues with the ability to select filters. Same fixes that were applied to 4.2.37.


  • Fix: Switching to the analysis after changing the selected sublots for the (Empty Group) could cause a crash.