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Veta 4.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Veta 4.3! All changes are listed in the Release Notes and also provided below.

Download Veta 4.3


  • New: Added support for Volvo soils files.
  • New: Added support for the Oregon Coordinate Reference System


  • New: Search tool to list all data near a selected location.


  • Fixed: A given location in the thermal profile would be colored differently depending on the x-axis starting value.
  • New: The semivariogram for thermal profiling has been replaced with a “transverse semivariogram”. The standard semivariogram did not always work well for thermal profiling data, especially when there is large temperature segregation.
  • New: Added a legend for the thermal profile.


  • New: Added option to choose if sublots should be reported. If not, only the summary will be reported, which can drastically reduce the size and time needed to create reports.
  • Change: File export has been simplified to only export using the selected coodinate system.


  • Change: Many performance improvements.
  • Change: Location information now lists Northing/Latitude first, followed by Easting/Longitude.
  • Change: Added support for very large projects.