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Veta 5.0.51 Released

This version fixes issues with importing data.

Download Veta 5.0


  • Fixed: UTM zone was sometimes detected incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Veta downloading of Topcon data. This issue was found during testing and has not been reported in practice. This could happen in two scenarios:
    1. Downloads of Topcon data are occurring in multiple copies of Veta and the date ranges overlap. This can result is the wrong data being used for a project, but should be apparent upon review.
    2. Topcon data is downloaded for a site. Without closing the download window, the site is changed and data is downloaded again. Veta will not download the data for the new site.
  • Change: EPSG codes for all OCRS zones are now recognized. Codes for the new zones did not exist until recently.