Intelligent Compaction News

Veta 5.1 Released

We are pleased to release Veta 5.1. We have included support for MOBA intelligent compaction files, added a new type of location filter, added charts that can be used for quality control, and created a report to list all filter settings.

Because this version only contains new features and fixes, it should be used to replace 5.0. Due to limited resources, we are currently planning to support only 5.1+, not 5.0.

Download Veta 5.1

Installation Notes

  • Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 is required.
  • Windows 7 SP 1 is the minimum supported operating system.
  • Veta 5.1 can be installed on the same machine as previous versions.
  • Veta 5.1 can open projects created in previous versions, but not vice-versa.


  • New: Added support for MOBA intelligent compaction files.
  • Fixed: Adding a data file that did not contain any new data could cause a crash when viewing “Imported file name” for an operation filter.


  • New: Added a new location filter that be created using only one line from an alignment and offsets. For example, 12 to 24 feet from the centerline. This allows the use of alignments that do not have all lanes defined.


  • Fixed: Changing most of the values did not clear the sublots.


  • New: Added quality control charts using data from sublots. This is the first pass at creating reports that can help for quality control.


  • New: Created a new report that lists all filter settings for data lot filter groups. This provides an easier way to check for filter groups that may not have the correct settings.
  • Change: The screen now attempts to only show the options that are applicable and will disable the “Create” button if the selected options will not produce a report. Note there are still some rare scenarios that will not create a report, but these should only be scenarios that are not practical.