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Veta 5.2.47 Released

The highlights from this update are some fixes related to stationing, MOBA thermal profiling files, and TDS (standard file format) files. Existing MOBA thermal profiling and TDS projects will be reprocessed.

Download Veta 5.2


  • Fixed: TDS files were not imported correctly.
  • Fixed: MOBA thermal profiling files that were continued on a later date did not have the correct times.
  • Change: Account for new paveproj files saved by MOBA’s PPM software.


  • Fixed: LandXML files with multiple alignments only used the stations from the first alignment. Existing alignments will be reprocessed. Filters using these alignments will need their selections checked.
  • Change: Initial alignment names now include the file extension (kml, kmz, or xml) to differentiate between multiple alignments with the same name.


  • Fixed: A copy of a generated filter could not be deleted or renamed.
  • Fixed: Changing the selected filter group back and forth could cause the “Apply filter group” button to be incorrectly hidden. Because it is not possible to determine the correct state in previous projects, existing projects will always show the button until the filter group is applied.
  • Fixed: Making a copy of a data filter would list it twice.
  • Fixed: Station offsets for new exclusion filters were always in meters.
  • Change: New exclusion filters include the default text, “Exclusion – “.


  • Fixed: Analysis might fail if Speed or Temperature were not selected.