Intelligent Compaction News

Veta 5.2.57 Released

Compilation of miscellaneous fixes and some changes.

Download Veta 5.2


  • New: Veta-recognized coordinate systems are now read from Leica files.
  • Change: The Roadway ID in MOBA thermal profiles will be used as the data lot name. Existing projects will not be changed.


  • Change: Exclusions have been moved to a subfolder. The text, “Exclusions – “, is no longer added to new Exclusion filters.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a generated operation filter is not automatically removed when it should be. It is not known what causes this, but these groups will be removed when the project is reopened.
  • Fixed: More accurate creation of station-based location filters. Existing filters will be updated when a project is opened.
  • Fixed: Detection of some instances of using incorrect stations for a location filter. These instances will now correctly not create the filter instead of creating one with incorrect locations.
  • Fixed: Sometimes filter creation options were missing from the toolbar.


  • Fixed: Changing the sorting for the differential table caused the map to highlight the wrong sublot.


  • Fixed: Some Windows Regional Settings would cause a crash at startup.