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Veta 5.2.61 Released

Veta 5.2.61 adds support for Voegele thermal profiling files. Several bugs were also fixed and some calculations were changed.

Download Veta 5.2


  • New: Added support for Voegele thermal profiling files.
  • New: If a file does not contain speed data, it will be calculated.
  • Fix: A fix in 5.2.47 caused a bug that could cause incorrect merging of Laser Test Roller and MOBA thermal files. Existing projects will be reprocessed.
  • Fix: The cold-edge filter did not work when multiple files were selected in the operation filter.
  • Fix: If a project contains files that not have a Data lot name and files that do not have a Data lot name, the latter might not show in the filtered results. The same problem also existed for the Machine name.
  • Change: Files that do not contain a Data lot name will be assigned a Data lot name of, “(None)”. The same also applies to the Machine name.
  • Change: Existing MOBA thermal profile projects will be reprocessed to read the data lot name.
  • Change: Revised calculations for heading and speed for non-gridded data.


  • Fix: Projects with a very large number of imported files could not be opened.