Veta Training and Support


The easiest way to learn Veta is to practice: download the provided Veta sample files, then view and analyze them with Veta. All of these support files are located on the Veta Download Page.

We recommend you follow the step-by-step instructions in the Intelligent Compaction Data Management Guidelines in order to set up and collect IC and test rolling data for vendor-specific systems, download data from the machines, and use vendors’ software to export the data to consistent formats. After these steps are completed, you can import the data into Veta.

IC Technical Support Service Center

If you require additional help with Veta, please visit the Intelligent Compaction Technical Support Service Center (IC TSSC). At the IC TSSC, you can request support and view helpful resources.

We provide email and phone support through the IC TSSC Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. We answer voicemail messages within a 24-hour time period with the exception of messages left in the system on Fridays—we’ll answer those voicemails the next business day.

Email your questions to, call +1 (512) 659 1231, or visit the site to get support!


If you’d like to attend an IC workshop that incorporates Veta training, you may be interested in our Intelligent Compaction Data Management (ICDM) Workshop.

Learn about workshops →